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Monica Rizzio Shines with Righteous Zeal on Washashore Cowgirl CD

By  on August 11, 2016

"Monica Rizzio’s first official solo CD Washashore Cowgirl is chockfull of great original country and country roots songs. Originally from Texas, this Cape Cod resident shows she can project plenty of her southern girl charm and sensibility into her original songs and standards. It’s who she is. A former member of folk trio Tripping Lily, Rizzio wrote or co-wrote most of the righteously fresh material on this album....."

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TBone Burnett and I at Americana Festival 2016!

TBone Burnett and I at Americana Festival 2016!

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"I made the tactical error of inviting Monica Rizzio to share the stage with me at Symphony Hall and she went and stole the audience right out from under me!"

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