Photo by Joe Navas

Photo by Joe Navas



" This record will be an important record in her career. It not only showcases her songwriting skills, it also puts a well deserved spotlight on her it damn well should." 



"The small town, East Texas native, former Nashville resident, and now Cape Cod “Washashore” has hit a home run with her sophomore effort. Rizzio is a brilliant songwriter that has the “it” ability to deliver her words through the emotion in her voice and the straightforward honesty of her words."    



"…a well-written, well-crafted collection of country songs that sound good either in your headphones or rolling down a dirt road in your Jeep. That’s where Monica Rizzio comes in with her latest, Sunshine Is Free.”’   



"Ultimately, Sunshine is Free explores the ups and downs of life through melodies and lyrics that convey an innate sense of ease." 



"Sunshine Is Free’ is a reminder of the beautiful, happiness-inducing parts of life, from the free to the pricey, the minuscule to the massive.”

- THE BOOT      


"One of my favorite things about writing is when I get to sit down with a good friend and search for a song. Even better are those days when I get to sit down with a good friend to search for a song and together we wind up with one that seems like it just fell onto the page. 'While With You' was one of those writes. Add Monica's rich and soothing voice taking the lead and a song doesn't get sweeter or more compelling."   



"I made the tactical error of inviting Monica Rizzio to share the stage with me at Symphony Hall and she went and stole the audience right out from under me."  

     - TOM RUSH